Simplify the Process of Collecting Client Data via This Dynamic Online Tax Organizer

Getting clients to provide complete tax information on time is a challenge — plain and simple. CCH My1040Data was built with that in mind and is designed to minimize the frustration of data collection by making it easier for your clients to submit their forms and information throughout the year.

With this dynamic online tax organizer, your clients will spend less time inputting information and you’ll spend less time tracking it down. In fact, the software includes features that will:

  • Streamline your tax prep and compliance workflow
  • Simplify client questionnaires
  • Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth communications

CCH My1040Data is different from other online organizers. Where other solutions simply collect data, CCH My1040Data allows you to track the progress of each client, helping you stay organized and on schedule. 

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Learn how CCH My1040Data can help you transform the process of collecting client data.

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Take a few minutes to watch this video to see how the CCH My1040Data online tax organizer can simplify and speed up the collection of client data and ultimately your tax prep workflow.

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