HealthMarch 30, 2022

Supporting nurses struggling with substance use disorder and drug diversion

Drug diversion in hospitals puts patients, staff, and communities at risk. With 18% of nurses showing signs of substance use disorders, supporting nurses to prevent drug diversion is essential.

Yet sadly, research shows most drug diversion in hospitals goes undetected, and a majority of hospitals are not confident in the effectiveness of their drug diversion prevention program.

Join Tom Knight, Deborah Koivula (Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses at the New York State Nurses Association), Kristin Waite-Labott (Founder of the Wisconsin Peer Alliance for Nurses and author of An Unlikely Addict), and nurses as they share personal experiences and struggles with drug diversion.

We will also review the AJHP study recently published of NIH-funded research that shows machine learning and advanced analytics can detect drug diversion earlier. When combined with peer support, detecting diversion earlier can help co-workers struggling with substance abuse disorder so they can get the help they need before hurting themselves or a patient.

Key takeaways

  • Nurses in recovery share their personal experiences and struggles with drug diversion
  • How peer support is vital to drug diversion efforts
  • How an NIH-funded study recently published in the AJHP shows that supervised machine learning and advanced analytics can detect diversion earlier

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