Migrating to the cloud may be your next smart move

Screenshot of the CCH Axcess Return Manager. The heading says "Enhanced interface and features make firms more efficient"
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A cloud-based tax preparation system provides remote access without VPNs, with low-maintenance automatic updates to minimize downtime. The CCH Axcess platform offers firms a scalable system with many time-saving modules and a common database to minimize redundant data entry. 

Our implementation specialists and data migration utility ensure existing settings are translated into the new systems and that all data is validated before migration. Most migrations are completed within one day. You can migrate up to 7 years of tax returns for all clients that have been active within the last 3 years, and you can even amend prior year returns in CCH Axcess Tax.
Migrate from CCH ProSystem fx Tax to CCH Axcess Tax
The migration process to CCH Axcess Tax is designed to minimize data loss and setup time while maintaining firm settings and structures. 
Take the next step to the cloud
Gary Frisch talks about Landmark CPA's migration to CCH Axcess
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Seamless integration

Landmark CPAs moved from CCH ProSystem fx Tax to CCH Axcess Tax to take advantage of centralized, cloud-based integration, a common client database, and a seamless experience from anywhere.


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