Is the Series LLC Right for Your Business? [Infographic]
ComplianceFebruary 21, 2020

Is the Series LLC right for your business? [Infographic]

Most people are familiar with the limited liability company (LLC) as a popular business structure, but could another form of business entity – the Series LLC – be a better choice?

Available in 17 states, the series LLC can help reduce overall formation costs and shelter any number of independently operating series under a master LLC. An SLLC operating agreement is often a best match for businesses in the fields of mutual funds, property management and real estate, and those with different product lines.

To learn more about SLLCs, the benefits and protections, as well as the risks, check out this infographic.

The Series LLC (SLLC)
The Series LLC (SLLC)
Is it the right entity type for your business?
Tamara Kling
Government Relations and Regional Attorney
Tamara Kling has been a Government Relations and Regional Attorney with CT Corporation for over 10 years. She works closely with state bar associations and government offices to implement changes in business entity laws.
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