HealthJuly 28, 2022

How UAB Medicine partners with patients to optimize care

In this webinar, Emily Dumas, Manager of Care Transitions at UAB Medicine, discusses what works and what doesn't when it comes to supporting, engaging, activating, coaching, and ultimately partnering with patients.

Key topics

  • Empowering patients at key decision points for a better experience and outcomes
  • The power of trustworthy content with behavior-based delivery and tracking tools to enable everyone to understand health care decisions
  • Leveraging analytics to provide key insights as patients struggle with decisions during the care process

Timely issues

The webinar discusses how the shift to virtual care during the pandemic created a whole new set of patient experience and engagement challenges, such as:

  • Managing the health of vulnerable patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes virtually was of particular concern
  • The need for engaging accessible tools has never been greater

This webinar took place on June 17, 2022.

Screenshot of Patients as Partners video
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