Is your pharmacy future-ready?

Retail pharmacies are at a turning point, grappling with shrinking margins from core functions, staff burnout, and shortages, rising drug prices and complexities, and shifts brought on by value-based care. Their role as a staple in local communities may soon become all the more valuable as more and more consumers look to these stores to become a hub of not only drug delivery but also care.

Check to see if you're ready for the future, and discover how UpToDate® enterprise suite of solutions can help your pharmacy step into a bigger role on the patient care team.

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Your trusted partner for advanced clinical support tools

UpToDate for Retail Pharmacy offers advanced medication education and engagement tools that facilitate a modern experience while improving a patient’s comprehension of their medications and conditions to support improved outcomes and strong quality metrics.

UpToDate Enterprise Suite

Rely on UpToDate® Enterprise Suite — trusted, unified solutions to align your healthcare ecosystem, reduce care variation, improve business operations, and enable healthcare professionals to solve challenging and complex problems.

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Support clinicians in making better, more informed, more actionable medication-related decisions across the care continuum with Medi-Span, the industry-leading embedded drug data solution.

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Pharmacists know and trust Lexicomp… When you’re a frontline pharmacist, your customer is probably waiting on the line for an answer. The benefit of Lexicomp online is you can pull up the information you want quickly and find the answer.
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, CA

How can UpToDate support the patient and pharmacist experience?

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Empower patients

  • Health engagement programs for improved adherence and outcomes
  • Drug information via text or QR code with information needed to improve understanding of drug impact
  • Patient education for medication adherence and knowledge of the benefits
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Future-forward digital experience

  • Improves patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Content to support a digital front door
  • Automated outreach and support of patients
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Trusted drug data and evidence-based content

  • Digital content that reiterates the pharmacy as a trusted component of the healthcare ecosystem
  • Drug files and APIs with drug information through Medi-Span that align to workflows
  • Alerts around potential interactions and more to help the pharmacist in patient care

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Multi-user subscription options for healthcare businesses

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