Blueprint of a Successful REIT
ComplianceJune 29, 2018

Blueprint of a successful REIT (Infographic)

REITs offer investors the benefits of real estate investment along with the liquidity of publicly traded stock. According to Nareit, more than 80 million Americans are invested in REITs, either directly or through REIT mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

There is much to be excited about when it comes to REITs. Despite rising interest rates, REITs continue to be seen as an attractive investment. The 2017 tax reform bill, coupled with a strong economy, have further bolstered the positive outlook on the real estate market.

When developing a REIT strategy, it is important for investors to remain aware of the many responsibilities that accompany REIT management. For each role in REIT operations, there are key outcomes and challenges that should be addressed in order to avoid potential hazards and maximize financial performance.

Blueprint of a Successful REIT
Blueprint of a Successful REIT
REITs Are Having a Moment.
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