With Legal SmartDocuments, you can transform your document and content creation processes and boost both efficiency and compliance, without the IT-hassle.  Legal SmartDocuments is a secure cloud solution that can be used across your entire organisation.

Flexible to adopt and safe to use

Legal SmartDocuments easily integrates into your existing processes and IT environments. We even offer a white-label solution that can  be used to implement new business models. As a secure cloud solution, users can comfortably work on the go, on any mobile device, from anywhere in the world. 

Take full advantage of Microsoft Word

With Legal SmartDocuments you can continue using the same tools you use today. Document templates are based on Microsoft Word - so in just a few days, you can share a complete template library with your organisation.

No programming skills needed

Legal SmartDocuments is easy to use and doesn't require programming skills or expensive training. Users simply select a template, use the Q&A forms to complete the facts and generate a new document at the touch of a button. 

Trust the leading Legal Tech provider in Europe

Legal SmartDocuments  is available exclusively from Wolters Kluwer, the #1 Legal Technology provider in Europe. With  30+  years  of  expertise  helping   legal   professionals, we help businesses thrive with innovative tools to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

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