Are you working with colleagues the hard way?

Are you dealing with increasingly complex activities but you feel disconnected from the business? With Legisway, you can strengthen and streamline collaboration between operational staff and the legal department without disrupting the way you work today.


Manage access Legisway

Manage access levels for departments or individuals

Access rights can be set to only give access to part of a matter, keeping detailed or confidential information for a specific users.

Manage requests Legisway

Efficiently manage requests from the business

Streamline legal requests coming from operational staff via forms to collect the necessary information (to initiate a contract, request legal advice, ask for a power of attorney…) and delegate the creation of ready-to-sign contracts projects to operational staff.


Improve communication

Chat and messaging tools inside the system, help move discussions related to activities from email to directly within the system, making communication more effective.


Configurable workflows

Structure the way you work with different operational staff on different types of activities with workflows, ensuring you do things by the book and in a time effective manner.

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How our customers improve collaboration with Legisway
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Other people in the company have access to the information they need without contacting us. Not only has this improved our productivity, but theirs too, because they can retrieve the information they need faster.
Hein Bijl
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Legisway has reduced the time spent on phone calls and emailing back and forth with colleagues when there were questions related to a contract.
Nathalie van der Poel

Business collaboration with Legisway

See how Legisway enables, simplifies and streamlines collaboration between business units and the legal department in a secure way.

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Share your legal information and documents efficiently and securely within the legal department

  • Give colleagues permission-based access to different types of information based on entity, department or role
  • Reduce the risk of a data breach by eliminating unsecure file-sharing
  • Restrict access to confidential documents to protect sensitive data
  • Initiate and participate in discussions via chat and instant messaging tools that reduce the amount of emails in your inbox

Legal Services Portal: Provide operational staff with an intuitive, collaborative ticketing platform, and streamline their request

  • Offer to operational staff a collaborative portal to reinforce collaboration with the legal department
  • Organise legal requests coming from operational staff via forms to collect the necessary information to initiate a contract, request legal advice, ask for a power of attorney,...
  • Enable operational staff to generate standard contracts using self-service templates and file them after signature.
  • Automate the entry of new contracts signed and projects, and disputes declared by operational staff into the legal database.
  • Empower operational staff to track the status of their queries and communicate with lawyers more effectively by limiting the use of email.
  • Configure flexible workflows ensuring structured collaboration according to the company processes
  • Monitor the management of requests and make improvements to your activities thanks to customizable reports with KPIs (average processing time, number of requests per lawyer, etc.) and graphics.
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Get your questions answered during this no-obligation, 45-minute demo

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