Legal SmartDocuments is an easy-to-use document creation tool for legal departments that can be used by across your entire organisation, using the content that you manage. Empower the business to self-serve and streamline approval workflows, while you stay in control. The result: improved service, consistency and quality. 

The legal department endeavours to minimise risks for the company it serves. However, in organisations where contracts and legal documents are created manually, mistakes are bound to happen, leaving the company exposed to unmitigated risks. 

Major challenges:

  • Other departments copy versions of old contracts and send to Legal for review
  • Painstaking review, costing you time and money
  • Many changes to ensure the contract is compliant


Generate legal documents faster

Legal SmartDocuments completely turns this process around, increasing efficiency and compliance. Colleagues in other departments can select a template for the type of contract they need to create. The template includes your approved standard language and clauses, and the department simply "fills in the blanks" using a simple questionnaire. Any deviations can be discussed and, if necessary, you can adjust the Word-based contract template or the underlying business logic for the future. 

Optimise legal operations

Increase efficiency by automating routine tasks and free up time for more strategic, value-adding tasks. By removing bottlenecks and empowering the business to self-serve, you strengthen the position of the legal department as a competent business partner within the company.

Minimise risks

Improve compliance by standardising contract language, clauses and design in the templates that you approve for use. Any updates you make are automatically shared with users. As a result, new laws, policies or regulations are incorporated immediately, reducing your risk and avoid economic losses.

No IT know-how needed

All the benenits without the hassle. Legal SmartDocuments is user-friendly and based on Microsoft Word, therefore requires no additional programming knowledge or expensive training. Users can continue using the same tools they use today. A win for your entire organization.


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