Our contract and document automation solution for law firms helps you bundle your knowledge and optimise document creation, without disrupting the way you work today. Deliver distinctive services and retain clients.

The bulk of the work in law firms is focused on creating contracts and legal documents for clients. Over time, every firm will amass a collection of documents, but it can be difficult to reuse the firm's knowledge in an efficient way that ensures the best quality work. What's more, with more demanding clients and pricing pressures, firms need innovative tools that help them boost efficiency and adopt more competitive business models.

Major challenges:

  • Manually editing many routing documents
  • Painstaking copy and paste of client, counter party and court details, contract details and clauses, as well as corporate identity (letterhead) from one file to another.
  • Documents are stored on the lawyers computer, hidden from other lawyers at the firm that could benefit from the knowledge.
  • Unable to dedicate time to more valuable work.

Reliable document automation, powered by your firm's knowledge

Legal SmartDocuments increases the efficiency of creating contracts and legal documents. Lawyers can create and update MS Word-based templates and clauses when needed, to create accurate contracts and documents quicker, while creating a common knowledge database for the firm. New case law or legislation? Update the clause and Legal SmartDocuments will automatically apply it to your contract templates and documents.

Leverage your resources

By standardising clauses and templates, you can confidently delegate document creation to junior associates or paralegals, using your own time more wisely. They can quickly and accurately draft standard documents for different clients, freeing you to work on non-standard matters or higher-value work.

Innovative "self-service" portal to make your firm more competitive

Legal SmartDocuments enables you to provide your clients with an easy to use a secure "self-service" portal to request standard legal documents. Guided by a questionnaire, Legal SmartDocuments collects the relevant information from your client and plugs it into your template (based on clauses that you verify), automatically creating a draft that you can review and/or send to the client immediately. Boost productivity and adopt new business models to grow your firm.

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