Professional contract and document automation for your law firm or company
Legal SmartDocuments significantly reduces effort and risk associated with manually drafting contracts and legal documents.

Template management made easy | Legal contract template

Template management made easy
Create and maintain a library of Word-based templates for contracts and other legal departments, without the need of a programmer or the IT department.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity
Eliminate repetitive tasks and deliver drafts quicker with dialogue-driven questionnaires that automatically fill in the empty fields of your templates.

Reduce costs & risk

Reduce costs & risk
"Do more with less". Make better use of resources and improve compliance by standardising contract language and permissions.

Dialogue-driven creation of complex documents | Legal Contract Template

Dialogue-driven creation of complex documents

Create MS Word-based templates for any type of legal document used across your organisation and maintain them in a single, central library. 

Quickly review and save changes in the template - without the need of a programmer or your IT department - and ensure everyone is always using the correct version. Even the most complex legal documents are always in your control.

Legal SmarDocuments Benefit | Legal Document Templates

Flexible and intuitive document and legal contract creation

  • Company or office-wide template management.
  • Dialogue-driven document creation for users.
  • Empower self-service and streamline approval workflows.
  • Ensure documents have the right corporate identity.
  • No restriction on the type of law or business.
  • Interactive Q&A; checklists; live preview and help texts.
  • Save drafts and automatic versioning.
  • Intelligent access management.
  • Document output in various formats; e.g. PDF or DOCX
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