Professional contract and document automation for your law firm or company
Legal SmartDocuments significantly reduces effort and risk associated with manually drafting contracts and legal documents.

Template management made easy

Template management made easy
Create and maintain a library of Word-based templates for contracts and other legal departments, without the need of a programmer or the IT department.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity
Eliminate repetitive tasks and deliver drafts quicker with dialogue-driven questionnaires that automatically fill in the empty fields of your templates.

Reduce costs & risk

Reduce costs & risk
"Do more with less". Make better use of resources and improve compliance by standardising contract language and permissions.

Dialogue-driven creation of complex documents

Dialogue-driven creation of complex documents

Create MS Word-based templates for any type of legal document used across your organisation and maintain them in a single, central library. 

Quickly review and save changes in the template - without the need of a programmer or your IT department - and ensure everyone is always using the correct version. Even the most complex legal documents are always in your control.


Flexible and intuitive document and legal contract creation

  • Company or office-wide template management.
  • Dialogue-driven document creation for users.
  • Empower self-service and streamline approval workflows.
  • Ensure documents have the right corporate identity.
  • No restriction on the type of law or business.
  • Interactive Q&A; checklists; live preview and help texts.
  • Save drafts and automatic versioning.
  • Intelligent access management.
  • Document output in various formats; e.g. PDF or DOCX

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