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Legal08 July, 2020

Wolters Kluwer revolutionises document collaboration for legal professionals with the launch of TeamDocs

Comparing and collaborating on contracts and legal documents is a complex task, especially when several people are involved. Making changes to different versions of documents manually is a time-consuming task and prone to error. Small changes can have major consequences.

With these challenges in mind, Wolters Kluwer has launched TeamDocs, a cloud-based solution that revolutionises document collaboration by streamlining and accelerating document creation, editing and management. With TeamDocs, users can view the changes made by multiple stakeholders in a structured way and then approve or reject them, including a full audit trail. TeamDocs makes it easier to stay in control, collaborate more efficiently, avoid errors, and meet deadlines.

TeamDocs is based on a completely new concept and technology for managing changes in documents. Instead of creating multiple document versions and wasting valuable time manually checking and comparing changes, TeamDocs saves each individual change in a central database, which provides users with a transparent view of the history of edits and reduces the potential for mixing up different versions.

Why legal professionals choose TeamDocs

  • Inconsistent and manual version management is eliminated
  • Having multiple users working in one document simultaneously accelerates the approval process and puts an end to back-and-forth emails 
  • Easily compare different documents, with a real-time overview of suggested changes from other users
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Word means stakeholders working offline, in locally saved Word files, can also be involved
  • Access in the office or on the go – TeamDocs works on any mobile device Learn more about TeamDocs,

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