Meet compliance requirements and drive strategic, sustainable growth
with CCH® Tagetik ESG & Sustainability

You’ve walked the ESG walk — now it’s time to talk the ESG talk.
CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability gives everything you need to comply with ESG reporting requirements and the data intelligence to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Address ESG evolving regulations with a pre-built and configurable expert solution that streamlines data collection, calculation, and KPI disclosure. Beyond compliance, the true power of this solution is that it shows you how ESG initiatives and financial performance converge. By embedding ESG KPIs into your financial and operational plans, you're equipped to improve decision making, identify growth opportunities, and combat risk – credit, climate, reputational, and more.

Build a better future. With CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability,  you’ll be compliant while driving sustainable strategies that improve outcomes and your ESG score.


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Comply easily, quickly and transparently

Meet evolving ESG reporting requirements with ease. Combining our regulatory expertise with a foundation for ESG data intelligence, your disclosures won’t skip a beat as regulations and frameworks evolve.

  • Create disclosures confidently using pre-defined content
  • Improve control using a process workflow and audit logs
  • Centralize financial, nonfinancial and ESG data
  • Reduce risk with built-in calculations and standard reports
  • Comply with GRI, SASB, EU taxonomy requirements

Prepare for a sustainable future

Balance short-term financial performance with long-term sustainability. With insight into the cause and effect of ESG initiatives on financial outcomes, you'll create plans that serve ESG objectives, satisfy stakeholders, and make decisions that improve your bottom line.

  • Use strategic planning to improve decision making
  • Limit risk and optimize resources with what-if analysis tools
  • Simulate scenarios to optimize your ESG score
  • Create driver-based models to turn ESG insights into action
  • Fine-tune costs with a powerful allocation engine


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