Built on a deep knowledge of finance transformation better services, Jump combines powerful system functionalities and flexible reporting options, help ensuring compliance with accounting policies and industry standards.

With Jump, you'll get access to an extensive library of pre-built reports that can be customized to your specific needs, along with a broad set of project documentation and governance tools that help ensure a smooth transition and ongoing ownership.

Jump introduces an innovative and dedicated project approach, help maximizing the return on investment and providing optimal value. This approach allows Jump to provide efficient and effective automation with measurable improvements compared to traditional implementation projects.

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3 reasons why EY JUMP lets you focus on business

Introducing a financial model and control of your data

  • Business workflow and task split according to the needs of your financial departments
  • Mass data upload with supported management of multiple chart of accounts
  • Detailed data analysis to gain insights into your financial performance
  • Materiality validation check reports to help ensure the accuracy and completeness of your financial data
  • Standard closing and consolidation capabilities that support compliance with accounting policies and industry standards
  • Latest Tagetik functionalities and enhancements included

Accuracy with comprehensive internal and external reports 

  • Figures validation through detailed check reports that help ensure the accuracy and completeness of your financial data
  • Budget and forecast control reports that provide valuable insights into your financial performance and help you anticipate future trends
  • Individual statements and notes that provide detailed information on specific aspects of your financial operations
  • Consolidated statements and notes that offer a clear view of your overall financial position across different entities
  • Pre-configured excel reporting book that simplifies the process of generating standard reports and allows you to customize your reports according to your specific needs
  • Pre-configured annual report that helps you comply with external reporting requirements and present your financial results to stakeholders
  • Pre-configured board and executive presentations that allow you to showcase your financial performance in a clear and visually appealing manner
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