Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance solutions

Sentri7 clinical surveillance aggregates data from the EHR and other sources to identify patients or providers, and alert busy clinical teams of opportunities to deliver evidence-based care and improve quality and safety. Sentri7 applications are on a single platform – SoleSource® – which makes it easy to implement, manage, and standardize clinical programs across facilities. We know it’s difficult to balance caring for patients with managing regulatory, quality, and financial challenges. We continue to add capabilities to our clinical surveillance suite to maximize value for our customers. We help hospitals like yours, solve the following challenges:

The Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance difference

Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance brings innovation, clinical expertise, and dedicated customer support of Wolters Kluwer to your organization.

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24/7 Surveillance of patients and staff

Automated clinical surveillance of a hospital’s patient population and staff to find patients in need of intervention or risky behavior and empower providers to act fast and early.


Sophisticated technology that identifies at-risk patients and staff

Sentri7 analyzes a broad cross-section of EHR data and other key data sources to identify patients in need of intervention or risky behaviors and alerts accordingly.

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Delivers insights into customized workflows

Alerts are tailored to clinical workflows equipping teams to act early while adhering to hospital protocols. 

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Intuitive analysis dashboard

Sentri7’s analytics dashboards provide a comprehensive view of program performance to drive impactful improvements.

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Dedication to your success

Access a team of Wolters Kluwer professionals committed to your success, including informatics teams, implementation teams, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and 24/7 technical support.

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Consistency across operations

Empower your team with centralized management, integration with a single platform, and ease of scalability and standardization to minimize IT effort.

Sentri7® AUR Reporting demo request

With Sentri7 AUR Reporting, seamlessly submit AUR data to support Antimicrobial Stewardship requirements for the Joint Commission, CMS reimbursement opportunities, and NHSN reporting.

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