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2 Min Demo: IFRS16 ASC842 Lease Accounting

CCH Tagetik solution guides and manages your transition to the new Lease Accounting standards in a flexible and reliable way. The customizable preconfigured setting allows a rapid and effective lease data collection, calculation and disclosure.
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The CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting solution addresses the new lease accounting rules including International standards IFRS 16 and ASC 840 and 842.

Let's discover the main features.The core capabilities will drive you to get IFRS 16 and ASC 842 compliant journalscreating a complete lease repository of any kind of asset class, easily integrating existing lease management software and sending posting to the general ledgers.Moreover the CCH Tagetik platform allows you to manage planning scenarios and provide proper tools for reporting and auditing purposes.CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting is a ready-to-use solution which includes a predefined chart of accounts and double entries accounting logic, an end-to-end operative workflow management to guide users in all their activities, all possible approaches to handle transition management,an analytical reporting layer to browse data at asset level, standard format to massively and easely capture data from external systems.As a result you can quickly set up your preferences, capture your lease data and catch all of your results.Let's see what is the CCH Tageitk approach.

CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting works alongside existing accounting processes with which it can easily interact in order to exploit existing lease data.

At the same time it can be used as a standalone entry point, by using its data entry capabilities.

Strong data validation guarantees to import consistent and coherent lease data, while its powerful engine delivers postings, disclosure and reporting to different layers.As a result this ERP independent approach allows to simplify and standardize both group-wide and individual implementing scenarios.By using this non disruptive approach, you can eliminate unreliable custom tools, risky inefficient manual tasks, and speed up implementation leveraging the prepackaged contents.Why are we the right partner for your lease accounting?CCH Tagetik has a reliable and extensive roadmap for many IFRS standards, thanks to its experience with more than 200 customers on lease accounting.You can cover your lease accounting process end-to-end, from lease data capture to postings release and disclosure, ready to use both on cloud and on-premise.To learn more about our lease accounting Community contact us today or go to our website to hear what our customers accomplished with CCH Tagetik.
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