Exam Preparation from Surgent — $499

Make it easier to earn your Enrolled Agent (EA professional designation). Surgent® offers proven exam preparation that simulates the exam format and customizes course content allowing you to target areas that need the most focus.

Do what thousands of successful Enrolled Agents have done and prepare effectively and efficiently with this exam review course. With practice exams, extensive content review and "Adaptive Learning" technology, this personalized study program has a pass rate of over 80%! Pass the exam or get your money back!

Professional Support Services from NATP

Enhance your professional standing by joining the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing tax professionals with the education, products and services they need to succeed. Members include individual tax preparers, RTRPs, EAs, CPAs, accountants, attorneys and financial planners. New ATX™ and TaxWise® customers qualify for a discount on new membership!


Knowledge Is Our Business

Maintaining an in-depth comprehension of the evolving tax laws are simplified when you take advantage of our online and printed compliance knowledge base. Whether you are researching solutions for complex tax situations or seeking clarification on tax law changes — the answers that you need are at your fingertips.

See all the research options we have to offer.

Professional Utilities

  • Software-Compatible Paper Supplies from Nelco®

     Nelco® has partnered with ATX and TaxWise software to ensure that you are provided with compatible tax forms, folders and envelopes. Get your business products from one source when you choose Nelco®.

    ATX and TaxWise customers can look to Nelco® for these needs:

    Folders and Envelopes
    • Window folders and envelopes compatible with ATX and TaxWise software
    • Additional tax return and multi-purpose products
    • Custom folders
    • Meets IRS requirement for delivery tax records securely
    Tax Forms
    • Worry free, IRS-approved
    • Time-saving formats
    • Compatible mailing envelopes
    Nelco® products are:
    • Guaranteed compatible and tested with your software
    • Offer preparation time savings
    • 24/7 ordering available online
    • Easy reordering — order history available
    • Personal attention — all accounts have a dedicated representative
  • Supplies for Your Office from Staples®

    Register as a Staples® Advantage customer to realize the following program benefits:

    • Save time — Ordering online is quick and easy. Plus, your orders will be delivered next business day in most of the country.
    • Save money — Staples® Business Advantage helps you save on your office supply needs.
    • High-quality supplies — Staples® offers a wide range of top brand name products in addition to Staples® brand products which are high quality, great value and fully guaranteed.
    • Large inventory — Use the Search function to find all the items you expect — and some you wouldn't expect, too.
    To learn more and register, click here if you’re an ATX customer and click here if you’re a TaxWise customer.
  • Dell®

    Get reduced prices on Dell® PCs, plus exclusive offers and savings on tablets, electronics and accessories. Your Member Purchase Program benefits include:

    • Up to 30% off select PCs, tablets and convertibles
    • Up to 5% off electronics and accessories
    • Exclusive access to pre-sale events and member only offers
    • Premium service and support

    Start shopping today using your Member Purchase Program benefits.
    Visit the Dell® website or call 888-243-9964.
    Member ID: GS130746780

  • Business Filings from BizFilings

    BizFilings, a legal service provided by Wolters Kluwer, specializes in incorporation and Registered Agent Service in all 50 states.

    BizFilings services include:

    • Professional preparation and filing of incorporation or LLC documents
    • Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment
    • Business License Application Package
    • Conversion
    • Reinstatements
    • Registered Agent Service in all 50 States
    • Foreign Qualification for your clients doing business in multiple states
    • Doing Business As (DBA) Filings
    • Amendments
    • Dissolutions

    For even more savings, partner with BizFilings' Affiliate, Reseller or Share Programs! There's never a fee to participate in a BizFilings partner program, and there's no long-term commitment. Visit the BizFillings website for more information.

  • eNotaryDoX by SIGNiX

    Wolters Kluwer has partnered with SIGNiX to provide you with a comprehensive remote online notarization (RON) solution. Grow your business outside of tax season by offering eNotary services to your tax prep clients.

    Here are some of the benefits of utilizing SIGNiX's eNotaryDoX for your clients:

    Finally, there’s a way to have documents notarized from the comfort of your home at a low price! RON can be done from a computer and smart phone in just a few minutes.

    Document Availability
    Don’t fret about keeping track of original paper documents or having electronic copies not being accepted. With RON, the document is just as legal in an electronic format.

    Health (COVID) & Safety (Strangers)

    RON provides a platform that ensures safety and comfort to everyone involved.

    To learn more about how your business can benefit from SIGNiX's eNotaryDoX solution, be sure to visit SIGNiX's website here.

Practice Enhancers

Protection Plus® — Audit Assistance and Identity Theft Restoration

Protection Plus® audit assistance now includes identity theft restoration services. At no cost to you as a tax professional, your clients can access the Protection Plus® suite of audit assistance AND identity theft restoration services, all while providing you a new revenue stream and helping to grow your business.

Toll-Free Tax Info Hotline PLUS (TFTI+) from Versicom®

Keep your clients informed on the status of tax returns and refunds with automatic text messages and e-mail alerts. Clients can also call a 24-hour toll-free phone number or go online for status updates. TFTI+ from Versicom® reduces calls to your office and makes your tax season easier.

TFTI+ Benefits

  • Present a Professional Image — Proactively notifying your clients on the status of their return helps establish your practice as a professional and tech-savvy business.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction — Your clients will appreciate receiving up-to-the-minute information on the status of their tax return.
  • Increase Productivity — TFTI+ automates the process of informing your customers, which allows you to focus on other important tasks.
  • Reduce Stress — By keeping customers informed through automated alerts, you'll reduce the number of client calls with questions on the status of their tax return.
  • Expedite IRS Rejects — Immediately informing clients of an IRS reject helps expedite the process of correcting their return and leads to faster retransmission.
  • No Setup Needed — TFTI+ is completely integrated into your tax software and supports all electronically filed returns.

For more information on TFTI+, call us at 866-345-4172.

Merchant Services from Payroc®

Securely and affordably process debit card, credit card and check transactions on your personal computer or mobile device through our partnership with industry-leader iTransact™. Every step is done online, from applying for the service to processing payments and managing reports. Easily access the service from your tax program or web browser.
iTransact Lite

With iTransact Lite™, you pay only when you process a credit card.

  • No monthly fees (when you process $300 or more a month)
  • No application, credit check or underwriting
  • $2,500 monthly processing limit
  • Key credit cards or use the iTransact™ EMV Bluetooth reader

iTransact Lite+™

Same great transaction rates and benefits of iTransact Lite™ plus.

  • Convenient online gateway accepts payments 24 hours a day
  • Quick and easy access to the service from your tax program or web browser
  • Simplified record keeping as all transactions are available via the online gateway, including reports
  • $5,000 monthly processing limit
  • $5 monthly fee for gateway access
iTransact PRO™

Custom, full-service merchant accounts and equipment.

  • Transparent and competitive rates
  • Online Gateway Services
  • Best of class 24-hour customer service
Visit the iTransact™ page to see product details and register for an account.
Call 801-951-8384 to schedule your no-obligation analysis or speak with a representative.

Trusted Advisor Program from Payroc®

Reduce credit and debit card payment processing costs for your business clients while earning residual revenue for your firm. iTransact™ analyzes your client’s merchant statement and shows you where the client can save. With your approval, iTransact™ works directly with the client, who can choose whether to sign up, a win-win for everyone.

Did you know?
An estimated 85% of your business clients are overpaying for their credit card processing.

Who Benefits?

Your Client
iTransact™ guarantees good news: Either we will save them 10%-25% or we will reassure them that they already have exceptional rates.

Your Firm
You provide this value-added benefit to your clients at no cost to you. You gain another positive reason to stay in contact with your clients. The program provides monthly residual income to your firm.

Reach out to your clients today.
Contact a iTransact™ Trusted Advisor Specialist at 801-951-8384 or visit the Payroc® site to request additional information.