Delaware's business entity laws
ComplianceJuly 05, 2024

Reference book: Delaware's business entity laws

Business entities in the U.S. can choose any state to form, regardless of whether the company owns property or even does business there.

With benefits like an advantageous court system and modern entity laws, it’s easy to see why so many Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies, as well as limited liability companies and other unincorporated entities call Delaware home. In this reference book, take a closer look at Delaware’s business entity laws and why it is the leading formation state.

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Delaware's Business Entity Laws
Reference Book 2024

Legal professionals can use this guide to become more familiar with the laws governing Delaware’s corporations and unincorporated entities. It examines the statutes governing the two most popular entity types, corporations and LLCs, including aspects such as forming, fees, stockholders, mergers, and more. The guide also covers laws governing other unincorporated entities, plus filing issues and franchise tax requirements.

In the reference book, learn about:

  • The benefits of forming in Delaware
  • Delaware’s General Corporation Law
  • Delaware’s Limited Liability Company Act
  • Delaware’s Unincorporated Business Entities
  • Delaware’s Annual Taxes

The information in this guide is current as of June 2024.

Interested in learning even more about Delaware? Our CT Corporation experts delve into recent developments in this webinar, What’s the deal with Delaware 2024.

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