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Lippincott® HCP Access delivers best-in-class content in creative ways beyond traditional advertising. We create audience-centric plans to help you amplify your brand, launch new products and services, highlight your expertise, educate, and acquire and retain quality talent.


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The breadth and depth of Lippincott content is unparalleled. We're a publishing partner to 80+ leading medical, nursing and allied health societies. Our 300+ award-winning, indexed, and peer-reviewed journals, websites, and media brands reach the full scope of healthcare disciplines. Millions of HCPs actively seek our clinical information to improve patients’ health world-wide.

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Unrivaled reach

We provide healthcare marketers and recruiters direct access to over 2.8 million validated HCPs in virtually every specialty—including high-demand segments such as cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, anesthesiology, and orthopedics. Many have a career-spanning relationship with us through clinical education materials and as the publisher of their most-loved journals.

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Leading-edge solutions

We are at the forefront of digital publishing innovations and are transforming how research is produced, distributed, accessed, and consumed. Aligning that expertise with our marketing solutions, we offer proven strategies, new technologies, and finely-tuned targeting to take you from speaking to one in a million to speaking one on one.

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