Leverage unparalleled reach to healthcare professionals across almost every specialty

Our content and solutions are second to none. As part of Wolters Kluwer, we have a strong brand halo that has been trusted by HCPs for over a century. We work continuously to advance our existing clinical content and research, expand our portfolio, and align our technology to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-evolving healthcare marketing environment. Discover how we can apply our premier content to increase your brand awareness, fill job and education program vacancies, showcase your expertise, and more.

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Quickly move prospects from interested to deeply engaged with our contextually-aligned and specialty-based solutions. Partner with one of the world’s leading healthcare publishers to increase your brand awareness, launch new products and procedures, and strengthen your relationship with HCPs.

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Thought Leadership

Increase your company’s stature and prove your commitment to a field, a research breakthrough, a disease, or an approved drug with content featured throughout our HCP network. From videos to podcasts, we develop multichannel strategies to diversify and reinforce your ability to reach KOLs.

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Align your brand with superior content to create a variety of compliant programs designed to complement your campaigns. Educate HCPs or patients on the latest drug developments through KOL videos, webinars, pamphlets, anatomical charts, and repurposed book content.

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Lead Generation

Generate the most profitable leads in campaigns that are truly worth your investment—from medical school residents to KOLs. Lippincott® HCP Access specializes in creating friction-free interactions and a positive user experience to drive quality leads, traffic, and positive ROI.

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Improve your quality of hire from a diverse candidate pool via custom campaigns. From basic job listings to sophisticated recruitment programs, a range of budget-friendly solutions place your positions at the fingertips of the right candidates at the right time.

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