We make it our business to tackle the most critical and challenging areas of drug decision support.

Where other drug information may provide the basics, we have an unparalleled commitment to supporting clinicians as they make decisions not only in straightforward cases but in the most complex. We achieve this through our unmatched multidisciplinary editorial team that anticipates clinicians’ needs when treating patients with varied medical conditions, and through our formulary and advanced machine learning technology, delivering that relevant information quickly and across solutions.

Expert editorial team, providing breadth and depth of content

We never stop advancing our content. As new evidence emerges, our expert editorial team incorporates it into the drug information you need to make decisions. And, because our 7,400-person team includes so many pharmacists and clinicians, they understand and seek to address the most challenging areas of dosing, ordering, and administering medications in hospital and retail settings. This allows them to deliver the breadth and depth of content that is critical to providing clinicians with information they need to make patient care decisions based on the latest evidence.



Content sets and tools

Nursing units use Lexicomp regularly when administering drugs in order to provide their patients with more consistent care throughout their stay in the hospital and in an effort to reduce care variability.

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Customized formulary

With thousands of drugs to consider for your patient population and budgetary requirements, formulary policy is critical. And yet, despite the time and thought you and your team put into setting the policy, adherence can be an issue. Formulink can help.

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Global drug information

Providing clinicians in-depth information on more than 500,000 brand names from over 150 countries with unique information tailored to the needs of different patient populations.

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Featured insights for Lexicomp

Lexicomp Mobile App

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Technology to power your search
Lexicomp leverages the latest technology to deliver answers efficiently at point of care. With a search engine powered by advanced machine learning, and the ability to search in 18 languages, you can move quickly and get patients the medications they need. In addition to access through EHR integration, intranet and internet, you’ll find all Lexicomp content in a single mobile app. We are committed to continuously improving your user experience using the latest technology.

Expanded dosing, enabling a more patient-specific approach

Not all dosing content is created equal. Lexicomp enables you to take a patient-specific approach when making each drug decision by going beyond the standard drug information to include critical, nuanced dosing considerations for renal impairment, pharmacogenomics, obesity, pregnancy, and more. To do this, we bring together the leading experts in these fields to synthesize the latest data and provide your clinicians with a level of content that is unparalleled.

Clinical insights

When you help a patient with their medication, you bring expertise that is unique to your role. With Lexicomp, you benefit from a more holistic view of drug information that is made possible because Lexicomp and UpToDate® are both part of Wolters Kluwer. Our editorial team of pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other advanced-degree clinicians come together to discuss medication decisions, evaluate evidence together, and embed the resulting Clinical Insights into our drug content. This approach saves you time from needing to have some of those same conversations with your counterparts, and it provides you more support when making the best possible decision for each patient.

For a complete listing of content available, check out our database guide.

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