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Healthcare attorneys are struggling to focus on what is most important as Congressional and White House actions shake up the regulatory landscape. The pace of change to regulations and statutes impacting compliance, reimbursement, life sciences and health insurance coverage creates new opportunities and challenges for clients across the spectrum. Turn to us for daily news updates, expert analysis, advanced primary source and powerful research tools.

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I went to law school to become a health care lawyer. That may sound strange, but I come from a family of doctors, and that was the only business I knew anything about. So I went to Boston University, where they have a JD/MPH (Masters of Public Health) program and enjoyed that very much. I sought out a law firm life where I could work with health care providers, and never looked back.
Lawrence W. Vernaglia
Being raised in a medical family I have always been supportive of the development of novel technologies & medications aimed to improve patient care and treatment & thus wanted to provide legal counsel to entities to assist them in the provision of high-quality patient care. Clinical research is important to patient care and providing counsel to researchers and entities in this regard is rewarding.
Monica R. Chmielewski
I used to be a basic science researcher, so delving into the field of clinical research from a legal perspective was a natural progression for me. I am also committed to doing what I can to protect human subjects while assisting in advancing innovation; clinical compliance is the marriage of both.
Kyle Y. Faget
I am a law professor and bioethicist using the law both to improve medical decision making and to protect patient rights at the end of life. In both my scholarship and policy briefings, I am working to: (1) balance liberty and public health; (2) assure adequate informed consent; and (3) develop fair internal dispute resolution mechanisms.
Thaddeus Mason Pope
I became fascinated with legal aspects of bioethics in college in the 1960s, before the term bioethics was invented, and I pursued this interest in law school under the tutelage of Professor Jay Katz.
Alan Meisel
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