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We provide solutions you can turn to when it matters the most. At a time when regulatory uncertainty is creating unrest across many industries, we provide the highest quality and most trusted depth and breadth of expertise across many areas of law.

Your biggest decision is our greatest concern
Our experts work to inform your decisions with precision and accuracy. We specialize in bringing research and discovery to critical practice areas most important to you, your business, and your clients.
Administrative law is an incredibly dynamic area, constantly evolving in ways both theoretical and practical, with implications for virtually every area of legal practice and modern life.
Kristin E. Hickman
Kristin E. Hickman
A treatise provides a service to all those who seek to know and understand the area of the law that is covered by the treatise. That is why a treatise is descriptive rather than prescriptive. That is why conflicting and disagreeing parties can resort to it.
Tamar Frankel
Tamar Frankel
During the more than 30 years as Editor of the Blue Chip newsletters, the global economy has undergone tremendous change. That has made the challenge of accurate forecasting even more difficult, but also more exciting.
Randell E. Moore
Randell E More
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