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Pension and benefits professionals face an array of complex and potentially costly issues that need to be dealt with efficiently, effectively, and quickly. We act as your all-inclusive resource, giving you the information and guidance you need and guidance you want to create and manage pension and benefit plans at every stage of client engagement. to set up, maintain, revise, terminate, and file any type of retirement plan and resolve day-to-day concerns. We provide high quality document and form software, and comprehensive information on the tax, reporting and disclosure, and legal rules affecting all types of plans, including corporate pension, profit-sharing, 401(k), self-employed plans, and individual retirement accounts.

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Featured Titles

Retirement plan work has the advantage of being interesting and intellectually challenging, while allowing you to help a company provide benefits to its employees. So, interesting, challenging, and doing good? It’s a no-brainer.
Ilene H. Ferenczy
It is my privilege to help members of the retirement plan community. I know that I’m supporting Americans who want to be able to retire with dignity and I can’t imagine a more satisfying career.
Alison J. Cohen
I enjoy educating others regarding accurate Form 5500 preparation. As ERISA reporting requirements continue to become more complex, training is crucial to ensure accurate filing preparation.
Linda T. Fisher
ERISA compliance is like a jigsaw puzzle, you may have all the pieces but the challenge is putting the puzzle together correctly. I help clients put the puzzle together.
Mary B. Andersen
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