The most comprehensive repository of IP data available

ktMINE helps you find and aggregate IP information from multiple sources—streamlining your process by minimizing research time and maximizing your ability to quickly analyze a broad range of authoritative data.

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Faster, more accurate search results

Delivered in real-time, ktMINE’s intuitive search functionality, insightful reports, and powerful analytics enable you to make better decisions and better advise your clients.

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Insightful reports

The extensive, connected IP datasets include license agreements, royalty rates, patents, patent assignments, U.S. trademarks, trademark assignments, M&A deals, and patent litigation gathered from thousands of publicly available sources and updated daily. You can also, quickly be alerted when a company makes a change to their IP portfolio.

Powerful analytics

Through connected datasets, ktMINE provides trends and transaction structures that aid in IP strategy development, valuation, and decision making.


ktMINE offers significant time savings and unparalleled IP analytics by finding and connecting many types of IP data, such as license agreements, royalty rates, patents, and syndicated news.
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