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Visualize LOPA calculations

Spreadsheets are hard to read. Make your LOPA study visual and easier to understand.

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Consider multiple scenarios

Make your LOPA calculations more realistic by taking into account all bowtie scenarios when calculating the frequency of the top event.

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Calculate future frequencies

Frequencies and probabilities can change over time. LOPA plugin allows you to calculate current and future frequencies.

LOPA feature overview

  • Quantitative & qualitative data

    Bowtie diagrams give a better understanding of your risk scenarios and show how these are controlled. In classic bowtie modeling, the decision as to whether there are sufficient effective barriers to control these scenarios is based on expert judgment.

    When your organization has reliable and sufficient safety data available, the LOPA feature will allow you to use this data to make more objective and substantiated decisions.

    LOPA on a Bowtie diagram

  • Bowtie-based LOPA

    Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is a semi-quantitative risk analysis methodology. Hereby the frequency of a negative event is calculated according to the risk reduction delivered by the independent protection layers (barriers).


    The LOPA feature automatically calculates the frequency of a consequence, given the initial frequency of all the threats and the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) of the barriers. This allows you to easily compare the target consequence frequency with the reality of daily operations.



  • Create insightful reports
    Analyze and share your LOPA calculations by creating useful reports. Some reports will be based on a single scenario (traditional) LOPA calculation, while others will take all bowtie scenarios into account.

  • Take the next step

    Make your risk calculations visible with the LOPA feature in BowTieXP Complete and put them in an easy-to-understand, barrier based perspective.

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