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The challenge

How can you capture valuable incident information from people on the job?

When an incident or accident happens on the job, how do you make sure to capture this valuable information on barrier performance? How can you link this information to (existing) bowtie diagrams without putting an extra burden on the people who usually report and assess these incidents?

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The solution

Scenario-based incident registration

Scenario-based incident registration allows people on the job to register and assess incidents themselves while linking this information to (existing) bowtie diagrams. This feature uses common incident scenarios and contextual questions. By answering these questions the incident is registered, assessed and visualized in a bowtie framework, providing the right information to improve the safety management system.

How does it work?

Maximize the opportunity to capture valuable information

Capture information on what barriers failed, which barriers functioned, and why and how these barriers failed or functioned. This can be done online, right after the incident happened so this data will not get lost.

scenario based incident registration
scenario based incident registration

A set of common incident scenarios

Build a set of common incident scenarios as you go along. This will make the reporting of incidents easier and help you understand which scenarios your organization is dealing with.

Closing the loop

Incident scenarios can be linked to risk assessments to understand what barriers in your management system need attention, and if perhaps your risk assessments need to be updated.

scenario based incident registration
scenario based incident registration

Compare information from incident analyses

The information that is created with scenario-based incident registration can be used to compare barrier performance over time. It can also be used to compare incidents or barrier performance data with other geographical or business segments in your organization, or even with available industry data.

The software features making it possible

The features in BowTieXP Enterprise used for this solution:

  • set common incident scenarios
  • report incidents easily
  • create questions per barrier
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