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Critical control management

Planning, implementation, performance evaluation and remedy, including feedback loops.

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Emergency preparedness

Learn from incidents in order to respond effectively when emergencies occur.

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Monitor and report

Monitor and report on health and safety indicators to improve performance.

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The mining industry is a typical social-technical industry, often described as highly dynamic. It is the field where both technical integrity and human decision-making meet. This generates a high level of complexity, a challenge when it comes to managing the risks. Adequate software tools are required to map out all barriers and controls that are in place to contain the hazards, create overview and reduce the level of complexity.

Although we try to prevent incidents from occurring, chances are that your company is experiencing them. It is important to learn from these events to further strengthen the risk management system. With our software, we provide packages that cover the various elements of risk management, including learning from incidents.

Throughout the industry our software is being used in the following sectors:

  • exploration
  • development
  • production
  • regulators and authorities

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Barrier failure or weakening is often a causal factor in accidents and incidents. State Supervision of Mines uses bowties to identify weak barriers by analyzing different incidents. The insights from the bowties are helpful in assisting the gas network operators with their safety programs.
State Supervision of Mines
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