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Introduction in methodology

Do you want to become familiar with the bowtie method? Start e-Learning to master the basics.

learning study education digital e-learning university academic mortarboard cap icon our work environment development
Introduction in software

Will you be working with BowTieXP software? E-Learning is a great first step and will teach you the fundamentals you need.

  • Bowtie e-Learning

    Bowtie e-Learning

    Bowtie e-Learning improves your method knowledge and BowTieXP skills. Will you be using or interpreting bowtie diagrams? Have a look at the first module Introduction in Bowtie methodology. This is a great way to get familiar with the bowtie method or to refresh your knowledge.

    Will you be creating bowtie diagrams with the BowTieXP software? Check out the second module Introduction to BowTieXP.

    Step-by-step approach

    To master the objectives of e-learning, every module has a step-by-step approach. You will be guided through these steps with elaborate explanations, supported by visualizations and exercises.

    Every module can be completed in approximately two hours straight or over a period of time. Upon completion of the modules, a certificate will be awarded.


  • Module 1 - Basic Bowtie Methodology

    Module 1: Basic Bowtie Methodology

    This module describes the basics of the bowtie method by going through the steps of building a basic bowtie diagram. It is particularly useful as a refresher for those who have already been trained in the bowtie method. This module can also be useful for those who would like to familiarize themselves with the bowtie method, but do not need in-depth knowledge as they will not develop bowties themselves, but need to interpret the diagrams and/or make risk-based decisions based on the diagrams.

    Basic Bowtie Methodology equips you with definitions of all the basic elements of the bowtie. It gives guidelines for creating a good bowtie and uses exercises to help you implement these guidelines. The course starts with a brief introduction to bowties and then follows the steps to create a bowtie diagram. It also introduces the evolution of bowtie methodology and the advantages of using it in barrier-based risk management. For each step, the theoretical lessons are followed by an exercise.

    Course chapters

    1. Introduction
    2. Introduction to the Bowtie Method
    3. Development of the Bowtie Methodology
    4. Elements of a Bowtie Model
    5. More on Barriers
    6. Advantages of Using Bowtie Method
    7. Final Quiz


  • Module 2 - Bowtie Diagram Construction with BowTieXP

    Module 2: Bowtie Diagram Construction with BowTieXP

    This module covers the basic functionality of the BowTieXP software enabling you to create a bowtie diagram and to use it for communication purposes in multiple ways. It is suitable for those who will use BowTieXP to create bowtie diagrams and also for reporting. No previous experience with the software is required to participate in this module, but the module is not meant to replace face-to-face, in-depth BowTieXP training from one of our partners.

    The module starts with a general introduction to the software and continues with how to construct a bowtie diagram, how to adjust and link reference information such as effectiveness values, job titles, activities, document links, risk matrix scores, reports, etc.

    Course chapters

    1. Introduction
    2. Installation and Activation
    3. Creating a Basic Bowtie Diagram
    4. Adding Basic Information to a Bowtie
    5. Adding Additional Information to a Bowtie
    6. Display of Risk Assessment
    7. Functions for Reporting
    8. Using Test File
    9. Final Quiz



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