Project risk management (PMI)

One tool for risk planning, identification, qualitative- and quantitative risk analyses, risk response planning, risk monitoring and control.


Visual job safety analyses (JSA)

Combine bowtie with TRA or JSA to visualize and help the operational crew to understand what can happen and what to do when things go wrong.


Monitor & manage project controls

Monitor and manage policies and procedures (e.g. OSHA) through visual risk communication, accountability, audits and inspections.

Some of our construction clients

Construction Barrier based risk management in construction

Lack of knowledge or failure to recognize risks, claims, insufficient compliance with project requirements, they’re all examples of risks that the construction industry deals with while working on projects. How is your business managing project risks?

Project controls or barriers provide you with a framework to manage risks that accompany your project. But are your controls working as they should? Are the men and women on the job informed about risks, how to prevent them and what to do when things go wrong? Will your project survive internal audits and inspections? What is being done with feedback from men and woman on the job?

The bowtie method allows you to address these kinds of issues, providing you with one single tool to identify, assess, monitor and manage your risks. Enabling you to share risk information with all kinds of audiences and providing you with feedback loops to improve your risk management system.

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Below a bowtie example related to the construction industry. More example bowties can be found in the library.

Enlarge bowtie

Some of our customer success stories

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We wanted to visualize company critical processes and be able to easily present and communicate them, both internally as externally. We also wanted to see which barriers were critical and/or weak, for management to be able to take the necessary measures. Assigning barriers to individuals, allows them to focus on those issues they should worry about. I don't think we would have achieved all of this with any other product than BowTieXP.
Strukton Rail

Construction Industry


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Industry bowties

Some examples of barrier based bowtie diagrams in the construction industry:

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