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Legislative updates

Senate Bill 6028, effective June 11, 2020, adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act with authorization for electronic signatures and notarizations with conforming amendments to the business entity laws and enacts certain further amendments to the business corporation law.
Senate Bill 6037, effective June 11, 2020, amends the Business Corporation Act regarding gender diversity on the boards of directors of public companies; contents of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; dependency of plans or filed records on external ascertainable facts; capital shares; share options; business opportunities; conversion, merger and share exchange; domestic amendment; voting shares; and shareholder action without a meeting.
Executive Order 20-51 suspends specified provisions in the nonprofit corporation law concerning member voting, and member and director meetings including member committee meetings.

Case summaries

PLLC Immunity
Leishman v. Wallace, No. 97734-8, decided January 28, 2021. The Washington Supreme Court held that a PLLC, retained by the Washington Attorney General to investigate an employee’s discrimination complaint was a “person” under Washington’s Anti-Slapp statute. That statute’s immunity unambiguously applies to organizations and individuals, and there is no language in the statute limiting its application when an organization or individual communicates under a contract with a government entity. The court reversed the lower court’s holding that the statute did not apply to an organization that was acting as a government contractor.

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