I strongly recommend CT Corporation as a reliable corporate compliance partner.
Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc.
CT Corporation has the experience to help navigate compliance anywhere you do business.

You can expect more from a global leader who has been providing registered agent services since 1892.

We provide services in all 50 states to every type and size of business. We also pay all state fees associated with changing your registered agent and help you complete the paperwork. It's easy to change your Registered Agent to CT Corporation.

Are you unhappy with your current registered agent provider?

Is your current registered agent always available and physically present at the registered office during regular business hours so there is no risk of undelivered documents? Does your registered agent understand the state’s business entity and compliance rules so that your important documents are always handled appropriately and promptly? Do you have easy and unlimited access to a trained, knowledgeable professional, so you can get a speedy answer whenever you have a compliance question? Does your registered agent have legal experts monitoring legal and regulatory developments and online tools to manage compliance activities expertly? Appointing CT Corporation as your registered agent is fast and easy. And, you will have peace of mind from being able to answer "yes" to all these questions.

Have you fallen out of good standing and need to get it back?

Keeping your corporation or LLC in good standing with the state is essential. The most common reasons for loss of good standing are failing to file annual reports and failing to maintain an in-state registered agent. Loss of good standing can result in fines and penalties on the business and, in some cases, the owners. It can also trigger the administrative dissolution of your entity, stripping you of the asset protection incorporation provided. CT Corporations' business compliance professionals can advise you on how to regain your good standing--whether that involves updating your registered agent information with the state, filing past-due annual reports or applying to have your corporation or LLC reinstated. Contact us today to learn more.

*State fees are mandatory fees imposed by the state. Price includes online discount automatically applied at checkout. Discount is for new customers only.
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