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ComplianceJune 16, 2020

On-demand webinar: Key considerations for international incorporation

Setting up entities abroad can present many challenges and require a significant amount of time and research to ensure success. You need to understand what types of entities are offered within a given jurisdiction, decide if it’s best to set up a branch or a subsidiary, consider the tax and compliance implications of such decisions and the impact to your compliance costs, and much more.

This on-demand webinar covers key considerations for international incorporation. Some items discussed are:

  • Selecting the most appropriate entity type
  • Determining the location of incorporation
  • Adhering to local incorporation requirements, laws, and regulations
  • Defining the tax impact
  • Establishing the appropriate governance structure
  • Applying for business licenses
  • Implementing annual compliance processes relevant to the local jurisdiction
Gonzalo Garcia
Global Business Lead

Gonzalo Garcia is a Global Business Lead with CT Corporation, a Wolters Kluwer business. He is a subject matter expert for CT’s global business solutions with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry.