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ComplianceOctober 15, 2020

On-demand webinar: Tackling compliance in the alternative investments industry in 2021

Global alternative assets under management (AUM) are setting new records, soaring to $10.3 trillion.

This level and pace of growth makes the need for proactive compliance measures more important than ever. It’s necessary to create a structure and clear pathway for investment organizations to manage risk and better accomplish fund objectives.

In this webinar, our seasoned consultants will share expert insight and examples on how asset management companies can mitigate risk in 2021, including:

  • How to effectively navigate the complexity of compliance requirements – domestic and abroad
  • The most common compliance misstep that investment organizations overlook
  • Top three best practices for developing a compliance strategy
  • Examples of how alternative investment firms tackle common compliance challenges

Your expert guides:

Ashley Knapke – Major Account Manager
Ashley has been with CT for 13 years and works with the largest Private Equity and Real Estate Investment accounts across the United States. Her focus is helping customers improve compliance and reduce risk with ever-changing and complex requirements within the Alternative Investments Industry.

Bree Biggs – Senior Sales Executive
Bree has been with CT for 8 years and serves middle market Private Equity and Real Estate Investment accounts across on the East Coast. She understands the compliance nuances and pain points specific to the Alternative Investments Industry. Bree is focused on providing best in class service to help customers streamline their legal compliance processes to increase efficiencies.

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