NEJM AI - bridging the gap between AI developments and clinical medicine

More and more, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied in clinical medicine to improve medical diagnosis, practices, and safety. While AI technology is advancing, evidence of the benefits of clinical applications to patients, providers, and healthcare systems is lacking.

NEJM AI, published by NEJM Group, bridges the fast-moving developments in AI, informatics, and technology in medicine with the application of these advancements to clinical practice. NEJM AI, along with the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and other NEJM Group publications, is available online to institutions via the Ovid platform — and subscribers have access to content on both Ovid and

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Key features

  • Original research, datasets and benchmarks, literature reviews, policy perspectives, clinical cases, and expert commentary
  • Coverage of biomedical informatics, telemedicine, imaging, personalized medicine, policy and regulation, and ethical and legal issues
  • Access to a monthly podcast exploring issues at the intersection of AI and medicine
  • A twice-monthly newsletter with podcast excerpts, takeaways, and recommendations
  • Access to NEJM AI-hosted virtual events on timely topics and issues
  • Dual access on BOTH Ovid and
  • Single-query, cross-searching of all NEJM Group resources on Ovid
  • Precise, natural-language searching and time-saving results management and sharing tools

Why NEJM-AI on Ovid?

Our analyses covers AI's benefits in clinical improvements, regulatory advancements, and operational efficiency. Our service offers two adaptable online platforms that integrate with existing Ovid resources, enhancing patient care and operational effectiveness.

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