Guide new graduates to incorporate evidence and quality improvement into their practice.

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Offer a transparent and empowering environment for faculty to monitor and support student progress:

  • Administrative dashboards provide real-time progress monitoring student projects.
  • Approvals, project progress, and communications are controlled and tracked easily.
  • Reduces variation and provides consistency in teaching
  • Ensures goal alignment between the academic organization and their clinical partner
  • Provides structural support for faculty mentor and clinical advisor

Equip future nursing professionals with the competencies and confidence:

  • Provides just-in-time guidance at every stage of the project cycle
  • Facilitates rigorous literature searches and project documentation, necessary for successful EBP and QI initiatives
  • Enables faculty to devote more of their time with coaching and mentoring students, focused on the development of essential competencies
  • Streamlines academic workflow through an intuitive technology solution that fits seamlessly into existing program infrastructures

Meet CBE standards by offering standardized templates and decision-support tools:

  • Workflow templates that help guide learners and faculty to ensure quality project outputs
  • Relieves faculty and students from the burdensome administrative tasks
  • Streamlines project collaboration, implementation, and dissemination
  • Hits key requirements for updated AACN Essentials and other CBE
  • Standard templates that ensure adherence to project/research workflow for structured approach and reliable outcomes

Enhance the learning experience by providing a structured approach and collaboration:

  • Reduces variation and provides continuity of learning
  • Ease of communication that improves collaboration and communication
  • Can provide formative feedback throughout the project cycle
  • Offers a transparent and empowering environment for faculty to monitor and support student progress
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Nurse leaders’ experience with Ovid Synthesis

The capability of Ovid Synthesis to demonstrate competencies and program outcomes is vital for meeting the rigorous standards set by the AACN.
- Dr. Curry Bordelo, Assistant Dean for Graduate Clinical Education, DNP Program University of Alabama School of Nursing
Ovid Synthesis is an indispensable tool for advancing the quality and effectiveness of nursing education and research.
- Dr. Bethany Robertson, DNP, CNM, FNAP, Clinical Executive, Clinical Executive
Technology like Ovid Synthesis can transform the teaching and learning experience.
- Dr. Jennie De Gagne, Jennie Chang De Gagne, PhD, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, CNE, ANEF, FAAN, Clinical Professor and the Director of the Nursing Education Major/Certificate at the Duke University School of Nursing.
Our experience with Ovid Synthesis reaffirms the critical role of technology in preparing the next generation of nurses.
- Dr. Annie Rohan, Dean, Professor, & Endowed Chair, School of Nursing & Allied Health at Fairleigh Dickinson University

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