Long-time collaborator and member of the editorial board of „Orzecznictwo w Sprawach Samorządowych”; graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Wroclaw; from 2001 non-headcount, and since 2002 in ordinary member of the Local Self-Government Appeal Board in Wroclaw - specialist in matters related to: updating perpetual usufruct fees, social assistance, public roads, traffic regulations, transport and traffic law, broadly understood environmental protection law (water law, the Act on Environmental Protection, the Act on Waste, the Act on Protection of Agricultural and Forest Land, the Act on Animal Protection etc.); in the Local Self-Government Appeal Board in Wroclaw, she acts as coordinator for matters in the scope of the Act - Environmental Protection Law (Emission Law), the Act - Water Law, environmental conditions for the implementation of a given project, animal protection, as well as matters related to seizing of driving license due to speeding / exceeding the speed limit in a built-up area by over 50 kph.

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