Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (1963). Upon completing his judge training at the Voivodeship Court in Poznań, he adjudicated in civil cases (December 7th, 1965) as an associate judge and then a judge at the District Courts in Rawicz, Pleszew and Kalisz. Upon his appointment to the position of judge of the voivodeship court (June 10th, 1976), he adjudicated at the Voivodeship Courts in Kalisz and Tarnow. In September 1989 delegated to the Ministry of Justice, where he served as Deputy Director, and then Department Director. From October 1st, 1984 until April 30th, 1985, adjudicated at the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court. On March 28th, 1985, appointed to the position of judge of the Supreme Administrative Court, where he adjudicated until his retirement on April 19th, 2011, specializing mainly in tax cases.

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