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Ann Numhauser-Henning started out her research career in 1984 with her doctoral thesis in Private Law (Labour Law) - Temporary Employment: A Critical Study of the Swedish Regulations governing Categories of Employment and their Functions. 1992-1994 Numhauser-Henning organised the Feminist Legal Seminar Series at the Law Faculty. Since the early nineties, she specialises in labour law, with an emphasis on flexibilisation of work and discrimination in employment. Guided by her markedly internationally orientation from the start of her career, Numhauser-Henning held a number of prestigious assignments as international Swedish rapporteur to important international congresses. She was involved in research cooperation with Chile, Spain and Japan, resulting in a number of English, Spanish and Swedish publications. She has thus extensive experience of interdisciplinary and international cooperation and has published widely in monographs, edited volumes and international and national journals.

In 1996, Numhauser-Henning initiated the Norma Research Programme at the Law Faculty (Norma is an acronym for 'Normative Development within the Social Dimension, Studies on the Normative Patterns and Their Development in the Legal Regulation of Employment, Housing, Family and Social Security from a European Integration Perspective').

In 2012 Numhauser-Henning initiated the Norma Elder Law Research Environment as part of the Norma Research Programme ( The Elder Law Research Environment now encompasses about 15 researchers and a broad range of legal perspectives on ageing. In this research environment different aspects of the legal conditions of ageing are studied in depth and on a long-term basis in order to merge into a deeper body of knowledge about ageing people's legal position in society with a focus on national and EU law, but also in a comparative setting. Within this research environment she has lately published widely in the form of edited volumes, book chapters and journal articles such as 'Age Discrimination and Labour Law, Comparative and Conceptual Perspectives in the EU and Beyond', Kluwer Law International, together with Mia Rönnmar, and 'Elder Law: Evolving European Perspectives', Elgar Publishing 2016 (forthcoming)

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