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Huco Consulting is the largest North American boutique consulting firm dedicated solely on the planning, setup and support of EHS & ESG software. Our consultants across the Americas and Europe have been helping customers achieve excellence since 2008. Our goal is to provide you a high quality fit for use Enablon solution by considering all aspects of a system such as regulatory content, integrations, reports, work processes and people. We are passionate about creating and sustaining your Enablon system to not only manage compliance and risk, but also create value for your organization. We focus on routine EHS & ESG activities that matter, and leverage industry proven solutions to create better management systems while lowering overall cost. Our certified experts with hands-on Enablon experience and broad subject matter expertise are ready to help you create and sustain success with your Enablon system.


  • Green: 8
  • Blue: 6

Enablon Certification Program

The Enablon Certification program recognizes our Internal Team Members, Partner organizations and Clients Team Members that have developed a deep knowledge in the various Enablon software modules. Enablon software projects are implemented most successfully when the project resources are well versed in the product capabilities. Successful projects utilize the core features of the software allowing for faster deployments and maintainable solutions. Enablon recommends that Clients work with Partner resources that are certified on the modules being implemented and raises awareness among its Partners to pass Enablon Certification.

The Enablon Certification program has 4 levels of certification:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Black
  4. Diamond (Our Highest Level of Certification)

The certification level is dependent upon how many certifications a partner has passed. A higher level if obtained by passing additional certification assessments. The level that a partner obtains indicates the breadth and depth of knowledge.

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