Respond to consumer demands and contain production costs with CCH Tagetik for Fashion & Apparel

Fashion faces the complex challenges of every omni-channel retail business along with the added pressures of needing to micro match supply with demand. CCH Tagetik for Fashion gives you the depth-of-insight you need to produce the right amount of apparel proven to sell.

Our solution aligns every link of the supply chain — from sales forecasting to demand, inventory, supply and production — by centralizing financial and operational data and plans. A truly unified platform, CCH Tagetik accelerates your financial close and improves cost control by connecting financial objectives to resource requirements. With integrated business planning, you can simulate the financial impacts of changes to critical information — like new product lines, brand switches, and price deviations — on the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow to determine the best operational move. 

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Fashion & Apparel lets you focus on your business

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  • Prada
  • Gianni Versace
  • Keen Footwear
The biggest improvement are in the timing. We’ve shortened our processes by automating all the calculations. CCH® Tagetik’s workflow — with it’s built-in review and approval process — gives our users a defined way to complete their tasks. Central headquarters now has real-time visibility on what's happening at local level. Our CCH® Tagetik solution is perfect, easy-to-use, very clear, and customized for our specific needs.
Elena Martinelli
I was impressed with the passion that CCH® Tagetik people bring to performing their daily work. Their knowledge, product skills and ability to quickly understand our processes all greatly contributed to their ability to respond to our needs.
Francesco Buccola
The reason I chose [CCH® Tagetik] was the quality of the pre-sales support and assistance in setting up a proof of concept with our actual data. While functionality was similar between all the choices your team and immediate sales support are what closed the deal.
Tim Oligmueller

High profit margins are always in style

When you need to hem costs while appealing to consumer tastes, CCH Tagetik enables you to slice, dice, and drill into retail information — like brand revenue by channel or average purchase price by supplier — so you can analyze the factors impacting your margins.

  • Assess channel profitability by product line
  • Model based on products, SKUs or brands
  • Identify capacity issues with real-time analytics
  • Disclose financials and non-financials to stakeholders
  • Plan HR across stores, head office and warehouses
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Manage capacity across the value chain

Get visibility into every step of the planning process. Align consumer demands and capacity across the entire supply chain through CCH Tagetik’s central repository for data, plans, and departments — including sales, marketing, production, and logistics.

  • Perform detailed COGS variance analysis
  • Know your unit costs with production reporting
  • Plan discounts by supplier, product or customer
  • Drill-down to detailed production costs
  • Manage supplier payments with cash flow simulations
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Gain a better pulse on the health of sales

Keep up with high style turnovers and countless new product introductions. Maximize omnichan-nel sales by leveraging a global network of distributors and retailers. Achieve supply chain collab-oration and improve confidence in business forecasting and planning.

  • Improve supply chain reaction power
  • Harmonize inventory levels in real-time
  • Share knowledge with suppliers and customers
  • Manage phase-ins and phase-outs seamlessly
  • Meet customer demand on time and in-full
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