An easy-to-use solution with real-time updates and improved analytics gives compliance professionals a single platform to minimize fair lending risk.

Fair Lending Wiz is a complete fair lending management solution that analyzes, verifies, and documents an institution’s compliance with all fair lending regulations. The solution delivers robust analyses that allow easy identification of potential risks in order for a lending institution to remedy unfair lending practices.

Easily identify potential risks and immediately take corrective action to remedy unfair lending practices

Demonstrate commitment to achieving full compliance with fair lending laws and regulations

Increase the accuracy of fair lending data, decrease the time spent processing data, and streamline workflow processes

Proactively address problems in policy or procedures before they damage the institution

Explore the training options available and unlock the potential of the Wiz® software. Wolters Kluwer offers instructor-led training, teleconference training, e-Learning packages, or a combination of these options to best fit your needs.
Risk Scorecard Report
Risk scorecard report
The Fair Lending Risk scorecard will help pinpoint areas within Underwriting (Decision), Pricing (Rate), and Marketing (Redlining) to begin fair lending risk analysis.
Regression and Comparative File Review
Regression and comparative file review
Regression analysis is an industry standard practice that helps in assessing whether there is a statistically significant pattern of protected class borrowers receiving different pricing or approval decisions than non-protected class borrowers after controlling for the effects of differences in legitimate loan application characteristics.
Comparative File Review
Comparative file review
Comparative file review allows users to locate denied protected class applicants or protected class applicants who were charged a higher price or received a different credit decision than similarly situated applicants quickly and efficiently.

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