Wiz Sentinel® provides real-time feedback to lending personnel as to the exact values that must be modified in order to comply with these regulations.

It compares user entered loan parameters with a lender’s loan program information, loan fees, and federal, state, and local compliance regulations. A results page displays whether the loan is acceptable, cautionary, or in violation of statutory limits. Results can be viewed at the federal, state, and local level. The differences in actual and expected results are clearly highlighted and the user receives instruction on how to correct the compliance errors prior to funding a loan.

Wiz  Sentinel lets you:

  • Manage your portfolio for predatory lending and ratings agencies, flag loans for profit and protection, and validate loan policies, fees and APR calculation.
  • Screen entire portfolios of loans for predatory lending compliance, and view management summary reports that display aggregate results. These screening capabilities also help you pass Wall Street rating agency compliance reviews.
  • Ensure your protection by flagging high-cost loans before you close or acquire them on the secondary market.
  • Increase the quality of your loan portfolio by identifying problems before loans are closed or acquired in the secondary market.
  • Seamlessly integrate into your LOS system or delivered with a browser interface.
  • Outsource all or any part of your anti-predatory lending compliance program to us. We have the expertise and resources to provide program monitoring, loan portfolio analysis, regulatory reports and training.

Wiz Sentinel has many modules such as:

  • Federal (HOEPA status), state and local high cost tests
  • Truth-In-Lending (TIL) validation
  • APR calculation
  • Tangible net benefit assessment
  • Configurable investor test
  • Texas cash-out 3% limit validation
  • State usury laws/State legislation module
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Automated loan file compliance analysis tool that tests every loan for compliance issues throughout the loan life cycle.

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