Small Biz Wiz will save users time and manual efforts in collecting, reporting, and analyzing lending data.

Built on the trusted platform of CRA Wiz SaaS and HMDA Wiz, the Small Biz Wiz system is easy to use and easy to integrate into a financial institution’s data collection processes.

Small Biz Wiz supports the collection and reporting of the required 81 data elements, and delivers robust analyses that allows for easy identification of potential risks, in order for a lending institution to identify and remedy unfair lending practices.

Increase the accuracy of small business lending data collection, decrease the time spent processing data, and streamline workflow processes.

Reduce risk by minimizing data errors and enhancing understanding of loan portfolio.

Easily identify potential risks and immediately take corrective action to remedy.

Decrease costs and increase efficiency by enabling staff to manage lending data with less time and effort.

Demonstrate commitment to achieving full compliance with small business data collection requirements.

Small Biz Wiz allows financial institutions to collect, submit, and analyze their lending data in order to comply with the small business data collection regulations, improve data quality, and maximize efficiency.

Browser-based data entry and editing
provides real-time updating of lending data.

Data preparation and submission tools
decrease the time spent processing data and streamline workflow processes.

APIs to integrate
with loan origination systems or other data collection tools. Any data in text and Excel format can also be brought into the system.

Powerful analysis options
, including Performance Context Data and Mapping, give insight into lending distribution to ensure compliance.

Compliance-grade geocoding
in batch or single-record mode, providing the most flexible and accurate outcome.

Custom reporting capabilities
help analyze, monitor, and audit performance.

Continually updated data sets and tables
allow access to the latest trends, benchmarks, and regulatory requirements.

Explore the training options available and unlock the potential of the Wiz® software. Wolters Kluwer offers instructor-led training, teleconference training, e-Learning packages, or a combination of these options to best fit your needs.

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