Our reporting solution provides a consolidated view of your CRA and Fair Lending data and lets you quickly analyze performance against goals and benchmarks.  

Configure high-level views of CRA and fair lending data against standard or institution-specific compliance goals. You can also visualize and monitor your financial institutions Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), and drill into the underlying data for deeper analysis.

Wiz  Compliance Dashboards allows you to:

  • Identify trends and refine strategy.
  • Combine multiple sources of data into a single point of access.
  • Provide enterprise wide web-based access to regulatory analysis.
  • Configure views for comparison against standard or institution-specific goals.

Visualize and monitor KPIs including:

  • CRA Lending, Services, and Investments Tests benchmarks.
  • Fair lending performance, summarizing performance to goal and highlighting key risks.
  • Drill into underlying data for deeper analysis.

Dashboard options include:

CRA dashboards

Get a high level overview of complete CRA performance and drill into the details. The CRA benchmark overview includes lending, services and investment test analysis and includes and optional geographic granularity by entire lending footprint, state, or assessment area.

Fair Lending dashboards

Get a high-level overview of Fair Lending performance indicators including analysis on public data, Exception Management, Loss Mitigation and Complaints. Graphs and tables highlight Fair Lending focal points and important metrics, including: Pricing; Underwriting; Minority Penetration; Complaints; and Loss Mitigation. Easily slice and dice data by Line of Business, Channel, and Geography.

Reporting views vary by role

Give every level of user the analysis and reports they need, when they need them to help make intelligent, informed decisions. From front-line users, to compliance operations managers, to executive and Board level, our Dashboard solution delivers appropriately targeted reports for each audience. Give professionals at all levels the information they need to optimize your institution’s CRA performance and fair lending compliance through better control, stronger decisions, and more effective strategic planning.

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