Patient education and additional tools

Access additional tools within UpToDate® Lexidrug™, including multi-language patient education materials for medications, disease/conditions, procedures, discharge instructions, natural products, and healthy living. Other helpful clinical tools include drug plans, new drug approvals, and formulary monograph services.

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Patient education

Access adult and pediatric education leaflets to empower your patients.

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Additional information

  • How to access adult and pediatric patient education leaflets

    From the monograph, clicking on the patient education tab will display the patient education document (adult or pediatric) for that drug. This document can be navigated using the same methods used to navigate a drug monograph: scrolling, choosing a section via the Outline and accessing the “Find in Document” function via the gray contextual navigation bar.

    The patient education handouts are written at a consumer level and can be viewed in multiple languages. To view the document in a different language, click on the drop-down arrow next to “English.” Available languages will be displayed using this menu. Use the “Customize” link to add patient-specific information, including the name and provider (entered information is not saved after printing).

    To print the document, click on the “Print” link in the upper right corner of the grey contextual navigation bar and a list of the available printers to which your computer is connected will be displayed.

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Additional tools

Explore the resources below to learn more about the additional clinical tools in Lexidrug.

Drug comparisons
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Lexicomp toxicology training video
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  • Formulary monograph service

    The Formulary Monograph Service (FMS) module, if included in your subscription, delivers formulary monographs (in summary and full review formats) and drug use evaluations (DUEs) developed for recently released and investigational drugs. The content is customizable for use in your organization's formulary management. New Drug Reviews summarize the formulary reviews and DUEs added that month.

    Formulary Monograph Service

    To access the content within FMS, hover over the More Clinical Tools button found in the blue toolbar and select one of the options available in the drop-down menu. The options include viewing the full monograph via the P&T Formulary Reviews menu item, viewing a summary monograph by selecting P&T Summary Reviews, accessing a DUE document via the Drug Use Evaluations option, or selecting New Drug Reviews for monthly digests that outline the new drug content and DUEs available.

    For the P&T Reviews, Summary Reviews, and Drug Use Evaluations, click on the desired option from the menu items to access the respective index page within FMS. Click on the letter corresponding to the desired topic.

    Formulary Monograph Service 2

    Formulary Monograph Service 3

    Formulary Monograph Service 4

    FMS documents that begin with that letter will be displayed. Click on the document name to display the monograph. If you wish to download the customizable text document for either P&T or Summary Reviews, click on the link found near the top of the monograph. On the Drug Use Evaluations page, click the drug name in the index, and then click the link to display the PDF for the Drug Use Evaluation for the drug.

    Formulary Monograph Service 5

    The New Drug Reviews section contains the current and past editions of the monthly updates to FMS. The New Drug Review lists review and summary monographs that were added to FMS during the past month, along with a DUE focusing on one of that month's reviewed drugs. To access this content, click on the New Drug Reviews option in the drop-down menu. The screen will display New Drug Reviews with the most recent listed first. Click on the link to see the New Drug Reviews digest. Within the New Drug Reviews document, you can click on links in each topic's editorial comments to access the full P&T review or summary monographs.

  • New drug approvals

    These sections will dynamically display new U.S. drug approvals and the most recent Special Alerts (when available) added to Lexi-Drugs or Pediatric and Neonatal Lexi-Drugs. Clicking on any topic will direct you to the indicated monograph.

    New FDA Drug Approvals and Special Alerts

  • Drug plans

    Drug Plans

    Drug Plans 2

    The Drug Plans tool is accessed via the blue tool bar at the top of the screen under the More Clinical Tools heading. It provides the formulary status of medications and other plan-specific information for more than 5,500 prescription drug plans. This application may be customized to limit the plans searched to only those applicable to a given facility or healthcare system. This module is an optional resource within Lexidrug online subscriptions.

    To begin, select a plan from the “Select Plan” window. If desired, you can filter the plans that are shown in this window by selecting a state from the drop-down box located directly above the “Select Plan” window. Once a plan has been selected, a search box will display in the right content panel along with several additional tabs across the top. To find a drug, enter a drug name into the search box (brand or generic), or click on the “Browse” tab at the top of the monograph to view an alphabetical listing of choices by generic name, brand name, or therapeutic category.

    When using the search method, enter the drug name (brand or generic) into the search box and click the Search button. The results will then display below the search box. To view the drug monograph containing information on the formulary status of the drug, click on the hyperlinked term.

    Drug Plans 3

    Drug Plans 4

    To browse and select the drug from one of the available alphabetical indexes, first click the “Browse” tab at the top of the content panel. This tab will present you with three (3) index options: “Generic Drug Name,” “Brand Drug Name,” and “Therapeutic Category.” Select the desired index, and an alphabetical listing will be presented. Click on a desired letter and further click on the drug/therapeutic category of choice to display the formulary status of the drug.

    Once in the formulary monograph, the Strength, Status, Cost (if available) and Notes will be displayed for any available dosage forms. Also, a therapeutic category listing will be displayed as a hyperlink. These links can be used to display other drugs in the given category.

    Drug Plans 5

    To return to the Lexidrug content, click on the Home button in the top left of the page.

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