Benefits of our OneSumX Business Analytics solution

OneSumX Business Analytics provides a framework for financial institutions to define and quantify the effect of any number of risk factor stresses, macroeconomic scenarios, business model changes or simple new business projections. Alongside these customizable reports, there are pre-built reports and interactive dashboards.

The financial data analytics solution can be installed and be operational within a few days and it works seamlessly with OneSumX for Risk Management, OneSumX for Finance and OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting.

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Flexible, multi-purpose reporting

A tool that uses a goldmine of data and results to its fullest extent, supporting a wide range of business needs and regulatory expectations. From contract level data management, through to risk, liquidity, income calculation and cost allocation to final regulatory reporting.

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Informed strategic decisions

The dashboards enable firms to project the capital charge that FRTB, IFRS 9, CECL, SA-CCR, IRRBB and a myriad of other regulations will have, allowing for necessary changes and adjustments to be made within the business well ahead of time.

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Efficient and powerful analysis

Powerful analysis in seconds and minutes, rather than days and weeks, through the combination of bottom-up and top down models.

Managing Business Intelligence challenges

We understand the common analytics challenges for financial institutions. There are siloed teams, systems and processes in place, which means up-front coordination to ensure consistent assumptions and reconciliation of multiple sets of results. This is time-consuming, and adds a further layer of complexity, operational risk, and manual effort.

Whether you want an answer to a quick, simple question, or a more holistic view of the combined effect on Risk, Return, Liquidity and Capital Adequacy... it often all comes too late.

Siloed teams in organizations

Teams widely spread within organizations and coordination required to ensure consistent assumptions into those various teams and systems.

Data cleansing

Wolters Kluwer understands the time and effort that goes into producing and cleansing the data that feeds the Risk, Finance and Regulatory Reporting elements.

Transparency in organizations

Within some parts of a financial organization, for instance a foreign branch, access to relatively simple what-if analysis relating to a single area or risk-type can require an arduous process and take weeks.

Data availability

Information/data points requested within a company are frequently only made available to other staff after the decision in the company that required it has had to be made.

OneSumX Business Analytics Solution Features

OneSumX Business Analytics provides a quick yet powerful way to leverage data and results. It uniquely provides end-to-end consistency of data, assumptions and analysis while improving ROI on the existing infrastructure.

Explore how it can help you to comply with supervisory demands, aid decision-making and deliver the ability for all levels of the financial organization to operate in a more agile, responsive and forward-looking way.

  • Track changes and balance sheet optimization

    • Tracking of unexpected or large changes in exposure concentrations, capital requirements and portfolio rating migration

    • Balance sheet optimization, e.g. for ROE, RAROC, capital ratios or combinations of multiple target capital, liquidity and profitability ratios.

  • Monitor and analyze risk appetite

    A set of reports to address many of the simpler single-silo needs around operational concerns, risk appetite and basic what-if analysis, including:

    • Simple trend analysis

    • Exception reporting

    • Risk-based limit monitoring

    • Risk-appetite monitoring

    • Risk projections

  • Dashboards and stress testing

    • Use dashboards that apply bottom-up and top-down models

    • Analyze using liquidity horizon stress testing

  • Forward-looking estimations

    A holistic, forward-looking view of the organization’s business model, under ad-hoc combinations of growth, risk factor and macro-economic scenarios via:

    • Balance sheet projection

    • Risk projection

    • Income and return projection

    • RAPM projection

    • Capital adequacy and liquidity projection and simulation under user-defined growth inputs

    • Optimization under user-defined scenarios for profitability, ROE, and capital adequacy targets

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