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The comprehensive OneSumX for Finance solution offers robust technology to address IFRS 9, ledger capabilities, consolidation and US GAAP. This is coupled with an accounting engine capable of supporting multi-GAAP schemes and generating rich content accounting movement at the most granular level. We offer enhanced data management, high-frequency calculations and stress testing, as well as reporting accuracy through industry-acclaimed simulations and analytics.

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Streamline all financial calculations

Performs all required financial industry-specific calculations and processes. Streamlines accounting from event to disclosure in a fast, transparent and fully-controlled way.

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Adaptable technology

We offer state of the art, advanced technology, which enables teams to access detailed, reconciled by design data. This ensures more streamlined and accurate levels of reporting.

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Centralized data management

The bidirectional link between business and finance data, at the most granular level, guarantees complete reconciliation. It also gives audit trail transparency and accurate reporting across business and finance.

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We provide a scalable solution that helps automate current manual processes. It enables teams to focus their time on more strategic initiatives.

Managing challenges

The finance function is facing significant changes that are reshaping the way it operates. To support these changes, it requires access to advanced technology and highly-skilled guidance.

More accurate and timely reports

Finance departments are being asked to produce increasingly sensitive and detailed measures, often faster than ever before.

More value to global strategy

Internal teams are pushing the finance function to bring more value to the global strategy of the business, spending more time on value add activities.

Time consuming activities

Finance has increasing pressure to meet growing reporting needs, ahead of close of business dates.

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5 OneSumX for Finance capabilities

Discover more about the capabilities of OneSumX for Finance with our video, featuring an overview of how the user-friendly solution works in practice: from Lifecycle Accounting accessibility that is multi-GAAP compliant for all your Financial Instruments, to General Ledger to data linked reporting and reconciliation by design.

OneSumX for Finance delivers the ultimate user experience for all your financial obligations: compliance, workflow, audit requirements and control, all in one integrated solution suite.

OneSumX for Finance solution features

Taking an integrated approach across multiple disciplines, OneSumX for Finance gives you the flexibility in data, rules, workflows, controls and business intelligence to successfully support developments in finance.

  • Integrated granular business data

    All data specific to the financial industry and to the requirements of finance are modeled and managed within a centralized data architecture:
    • Full data management capabilities, validation and reconciliation as well as valuations and data enrichments
    • Single data architecture for finance, risk, and regulatory reporting manages the business data that the finance department accounts for
    • A two-way link between business and finance.
  • Accounting engine and schemes

    Together with full event management functionality, OneSumX for Finance offers a powerful accounting engine:
    • Capable of supporting complex multi-GAAP accounting schemes, and generating rich content accounting movement at the most granular level
    • User-friendly interface that enables automated documentation, preview and drill-back
  • Contract level subledger and general ledger

    Beyond the standard accounting processes, OneSumX for Finance offers a subledger that links together balances and contracts at a detailed level:
    • Fully supports demanding analysis and control requirements, and enables reconciliation
    • Rare capability of delivering across products
    • Pulls up the full business and accounting details that many processes require. This includes capital requirements, calculations and regulatory reporting in a single step.
  • Multi-entity, multi-GAAP, consolidation

    • Supports multiple entities and multiple GAAPs across various currencies and foreign exchange processes
    • Accommodates the automatic generation of complex financial statement structures and multi-level consolidation.
  • Business intelligence and disclosures

    • View a variety of reporting and analysis techniques. From standard reports with built-in drill-through, to ad-hoc and regulatory reporting. These cover both business and regulatory demands
    • Access multi-dimensional analysis and dashboards.
    • Additionally, the wider OneSumX FRR solution suite can seamlessly automate regulatory reporting in over 40 countries around the world.
  • IFRS support from event to disclosure

    • Specific configuration and processes support IFRS 9 throughout the accounting process, from event to disclosure
    • Manage IFRS classifications and perform IFRS calculations such as amortized cost, impairment, hedging and fair value.
    • Built-in IFRS 9 business logic enables automated handling up to final disclosures.
  • Product control

    • Automate intraday P&L production and attribution, granular reconciliation of multiple sources, limits and price verification.
    • Improve control, reduce risks and ensure timely reporting of P&L and key performance indicators (KPIs) with the trade and P&L adjustments workflow.
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