An expected credit loss IFRS 9 modular solution

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB’s) IFRS 9 standard, replaces IAS 39, and addresses classification and measurement, impairment and hedge accounting.

OneSumX IFRS 9 supports you with the implementation of the full International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9). This solution provides you with a solid framework to capture and store all relevant contractual information. It helps to manage events and transactions, IFRS calculations, accounting generation and processing up to the delivery of the disclosures.

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End-to-end treatment of expected credit loss (ECL)

Going from classification, stage assessment, and measurement of ECL to the accounting treatment and IFRS disclosure requirements.
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Gain a competitive advantage

Ensures compliance now, but also for years to come with a sustainable, fully integrated strategic solution, capable of holding in all conditions.
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Save time

A solution with a modular design that allows you to make the most of your resources as you work to implement IFRS 9 in the agreed timeline and within your budget.
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IFRS 9 customer testimonial

Here’s how OneSumX IFRS 9 helped optimize Thailand’s Government Housing Bank’s financial data management.

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Download our IFRS 9 eBook that covers common challenges for banks, key considerations when finding a solution, a checklist, and a case study example of successful implementation. Plus, discover how enhancing your system performance can lead to reduced costs and an increase in resources for business-critical activities.
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OneSumX IFRS 9 features

Our IFRS 9 functionality is part of our comprehensive and modular OneSumX IFRS solution. It combines lifecycle information on each individual financial instrument with a comprehensive set of IFRS 9 calculators. The resulting numbers are recorded in a transparent, traceable, and auditable contract level IFRS subledger.

The solution supports regulatory disclosures from local supervisors across the globe and offers powerful reporting tools. These features are supported by a data management framework that can capture and store relevant contractual information, manage events and transactions, store IFRS calculations, generate accounting, and process up to the delivery of the IFRS disclosures.

  • Classification and measurement

    • Pre-defined IFRS 9 classification business rules and a complete set of IFRS 9 compliant accounting schemes
    • A 'cash-flow' test to assess eligibility to measurement at amortized cost
    • An amortized cost-calculation engine with built-in support for debt restructuring, below-market loans and a wide variety of product lifetime events
    • Fair value measurement techniques
    • Support for storing and reporting on the Fair Value Hierarchies (IFRS 13)
    • A complete set of IFRS 9 compliant accounting schemes
  • Impairment and expected credit loss (ECL) model

    • Accounting schemes that include the logic for the expected credit losses over the full instrument's lifecycle
    • Develop and build an ECL model that needs to be run in multiple scenarios
    • Support for calculation and subsequent accounting processing of credit-adjusted effective interest rate (EIR), amortized cost and effective interest for purchased or originated credit-impaired instruments
    • Apply expected credit loss calculators which can work with expert judgment or macroeconomic scenarios
    • Track movements between any of the three stages on a portfolio and individual level
    • Effectively manage disclosures under IFRS 7 and IFRS 9
  • Hedge accounting with IAS 39 option

    The hedge accounting element of the regulation can be addressed using either IAS 39 or IFRS 9 principles, and our flexible solution enables both methods. If the IAS 39 option is selected, the following features will be available for your team to leverage:
    • Hedge designation and documentation
    • Hedged risk calculations (both delta and full)
    • Hedge effectiveness calculation
    • Accounting adjustment calculators
  • Disclosures requirements

    • Supports IFRS regulatory disclosures for local supervisors across the globe, including IFRS reporting templates such as Europe’s FINREP, asset encumbrance, COREP, and your financial statements under IFRS.
    • Combines the lifecycle information on each individual financial instrument with a transparent and auditable contract level IFRS subledger and powerful reporting tools
    • Full compliance with IFRS 9 and other IFRS disclosures
    • Full transparency and traceability that fully satisfies internal and external audit needs.

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